Capturing the Spirit of the Forest by Caci Dunahoo

Siskiyou Field Institute held an amazing class on The Spirit of the Forest the weekend of June 5th through the 7th. The class was about capturing the spirit of the forest through pictures and words. Dr. Diana Coogle taught the writing portion of the class. While exploring the forest, Dr. Coogle had the class take … Read more

Field Sketching by Mary Raby

Just wanted to share some of my pictures from the field sketching class taught by Linda Vorobik. The class was fun, relaxed, and inspiring. I learned about plant identification and botany — this was my goal but I was pleasantly surprised to also get an art class complete with field sessions and helpful critiques. Thank you, Siskiyou Field Institute, for such quality learning in such a beautiful setting.

— Mary Raby

Vancouveria by MR
Vancouveria hexandra, the inside-out flower.
A darlingtonia photographed by Mary Raby.



Mary sketching beside a stream outside O’Brien.
Some of the sketch-worthy forms we saw in the field included a convolvulus



a lomatium, or desert parsley,
a sedum
and the colorful leaf bracts of an Indian paintbrush.