Field Sketching by Mary Raby

Just wanted to share some of my pictures from the field sketching class taught by Linda Vorobik. The class was fun, relaxed, and inspiring. I learned about plant identification and botany — this was my goal but I was pleasantly surprised to also get an art class complete with field sessions and helpful critiques. Thank you, Siskiyou Field Institute, for such quality learning in such a beautiful setting.

— Mary Raby

Vancouveria by MR
Vancouveria hexandra, the inside-out flower.
A darlingtonia photographed by Mary Raby.



Mary sketching beside a stream outside O’Brien.
Some of the sketch-worthy forms we saw in the field included a convolvulus



a lomatium, or desert parsley,
a sedum
and the colorful leaf bracts of an Indian paintbrush.