11/16-17 Truffles of the Siskiyous

11/16-17 Truffles of the Siskiyous

Instructor: Scot Loring
Date: November 16-17, 9 AM-5 PM*
Location: SFI
Tuition: $140

*end times may vary slightly, please plan accordingly


Truffles are highly evolved mushrooms that have adapted for survival by “going underground,” where they often go unnoticed. Nearly 400 different types of truffles are known to exist in the Pacific Northwest, many of which are found in the diverse Siskiyou bioregion, including gourmet edibles. Through a series of labs, lectures, and field trips, you’ll discover how to find hidden truffles, both common and rare. Learn where to look for truffles, how to identify them by sight, smell, and under the microscope, as well as their important ecological roles in mycorrhizal networks.


Field days are easy (car travel with short stops, up to 1 mile of hiking per day).

Ages 16+ welcome.