10/05-06 Microlichens on Bark

10/05-06 Microlichens on Bark

Instructor: Bruce McCune
Date: October 5-6
8:30 AM-5 PM Sat, 8:30 AM-4:30 PM Sun*
Location: SFI
Tuition: $160

*end times may vary slightly, please plan accordingly


Learn to identify the common crustose lichens living on bark  under the instruction of an acclaimed lichenologist. Armed with both hand lenses in the field and microscopes in the classroom, students will learn which species are common on conifer bark versus hardwoods, practice keying to genera and species, and learn collecting methods, curation, sectioning, and interpretation of taxonomic characters for these lichens. Trips to the field will visit many species of woody plants in a diversity of habitats, with an emphasis on lichens rather than driving. Students will also build their own digital photo library for these species while sharing with other class members. 


**This is an intermediate to advanced course and requires prerequisite familiarity with introductory lichenology, including common macrolichens, spot tests methods, and basic terminology (such as soredia, isidia, cortex, medulla, etc.)

Field days are easy (car travel with short stops, up to 1 mile of hiking per day).

Ages 18+ welcome.