10/17 & 21 Geology of the Medicine Lake Volcano

10/17 & 21 Geology of the Medicine Lake Volcano

Instructor: Bill Hirt
Date: Tue October 17, 6-9 PM (online intro)
Sat October 21, 8 AM-5:30 PM (field day)*
Location: Meeting outside of Azalea, CA (ending near Lava Beds NM)
Tuition: $35 online only | $110 full class

*end time may vary slightly, please plan accordingly


The Medicine Lake Volcano only lies 50 km east of Mount Shasta but its broad, shield-like shape, absence of glaciers, and eruption of both fluid basalt and pasty rhyolite lavas make it completely different from a typical High Cascade stratovolcano. An introductory presentation will explore why these differences exist and a one-day field trip will afford students opportunities to study a wide variety of the volcano’s features: from spatter cones and cinder cones to glassy domes and the Medicine Lake caldera.


Field day is easy (car travel with short stops, up to 1 mile of hiking)


Ages 12+ welcome.