10/12 Guided Forest Therapy

10/12 Guided Forest Therapy

Instructor: Dawn Cogliser
Date: Saturday October 12, 9 AM-2 PM*
Location: SFI
Tuition: $75

*end times may vary slightly, please plan accordingly


Immerse yourself in nature and engage with all your senses and the world around you under the direction of a Certified Forest Therapy Guide.  Forest therapy is based on forest bathing, or shinrin-yoku, a Japanese practice that has garnered attention for its ability to immerse people into their natural environment. By immersing ourselves in nature and engaging our senses, we can reap the many benefits of forest therapy such as calming overstressed nervous systems, improved immune function, cardiovascular and respiratory health, and reducing stress and depression. The practice of Forest Therapy is open-ended, with no predetermined outcome, but rather focuses on fostering a reciprocal relationship between the forest and the participant. The Forest Therapy Guide provides a safe, slow paced, and gentle structure, through a clearly defined sequence of guided invitations that allow for creativity while embracing individual inspiration.


Field day is easy (up to 1 mile of hiking).

Ages 16+ welcome.