06/18 Medicinal Plants of Early Summer

06/18 Medicinal Plants of Early Summer

Instructors: Lauren Kemple
Date: Sunday June 18, 10 AM-4 PM*
Location: Jacksonville, OR
Tuition: $80 (includes $10 materials fee)

*end time may vary slightly, please plan accordingly


Traverse some gorgeous terrain in the east Applegate Valley and hills of Jacksonville, while getting to know many native and naturalized medicinal plants. This class is especially for the frazzled and frayed among us. We’ll focus in on nervines and adaptogens, herbs that nourish and support us in times of stress and exhaustion. We’ll end the day making a tincture of plants we saw in the field as well as a sun tea from them, so you can try the plants out yourself!

Field day is moderately difficult (1-3 miles of hiking and/or climbs of up to 500 ft)

Ages 12+ welcome.