06/08 Birding by Songs and Calls

06/08 Birding by Songs and Calls

Instructor: Kevin Spencer
Date: Saturday June 8th, 7 AM-4 PM*
Location: Ashland, OR
Tuition: $70.00

*end time may vary slightly, please plan accordingly


Birds that may look wildly different sometimes aren’t so easy to tell apart by ear – how many songs and calls are in your birders’ repertoire? In this intermediate workshop, get guidance from an expert on auditory bird ID, mnemonic strategies to strengthen your memory of bird sounds (such as copying the sounds with your own voice and spoken phrases that capture cadence and rhythm), as well as other skills to help you confirm identification without a visual. Visiting two different habitats, riparian and forest, you’ll practice repetition of listening and confirming to build up your auditory memory, while being taught to identify the majority of singing birds without seeing them.


Moderate (1-3 miles of hiking and/or climbs of up to 500 ft)


Ages 16+ are welcome.