05/24 & 27 Geology of the Eastern Klamath Mountains

05/24 & 27 Geology of the Eastern Klamath Mountains

Instructor: Bill Hirt
Date: Wednesday May 24, 7-9 PM (online)
Saturday May 27, 8 AM-5 PM* (field day)
Location: Weed, CA
Tuition: $105 Full Class | $35 Online Only

*end time may vary slightly, please plan accordingly


Dive into the geologic history and origin of the Eastern Klamath Mountains, which expose a complex assembly of ancient rocks and comprise one of the eight major terranes of the Klamaths. These terranes are pieces of earth’s crust that failed to “subduct” (sink) beneath the western edge of the continent, and were instead accreted onto its coastline. You’ll learn how to identify many common rocks found in this area and what they tell us about the geologic processes that have shaped the region, and all about unique features of the area like the ancient volcanic arc that is preserved in the rocks of the Eastern Klamath, the magmatic origins of regional gold deposits, and how stresses associated with the terrane’s accretion contribute to the landslide hazard that plagues the region today.

Field day is easy (car travel with short stops, up to 1 mile of hiking per day on flat ground).

Ages 12+ welcome.