04/22-23 Birds of Humboldt County, CA

04/22-23 Birds of Humboldt County, CA

Instructor: Ken Burton
Date: Saturday April 22 (8 AM-5 PM) & Sunday April 23 (8 AM-2 PM)*
Location: Meeting in Arcata, CA
Tuition: $135

*end times may vary slightly, please plan accordingly


Humboldt County has an incredible range of habitats and an impressive diversity of birds to go along with it.  April promises a combination of residents, lingering winter birds, and breeders just arrived from the tropics.   Join on an intermediate-advanced birding expedition, where Ken will point out visual and auditory field marks and discuss the birds’ natural history traits and habitat preferences.  The class will focus on coastal and near-coastal habitats on the first day and inland/montane sites on the second; over 150 species are likely. The pace will be steady but leisurely, with some easy walking of up to a mile at a stretch.

Field days are moderately difficult (1-3 miles of hiking per day and/or climbs of up to 500 ft).

Recommended for intermediate-advanced birders. Ages 16+ welcome.