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What Parents Should Expect

After you register your child for a day camp, residential camp, or excursion you will receive a confirmation email and packing list within 3-5 business days. The program itinerary will be sent 21 days prior to the start of your child’s program.

All permission slips need to be completely filled out and returned to Siskiyou Field Institute. You can download and print a copy of all forms which can be mailed, faxed, or handed in to the Youth Education Program Manager by the first day of the program.

The Siskiyou Field Institute works hard to keep camp and excursion costs to a minimum while providing high-quality programming.

The Siskiyou Field Institute Youth Education Programs payment policy requires a deposit for each camp/excursion that your child is attending. These deposits are non-refundable, non-transferable and are part of the total camp fee, not an additional charge*. A camper will not be considered registered until all required deposits have been received and processed. Registrations will be processed in order of receipt.

*If you are requesting financial assistance for your child to attend a camp/excursion and you DO NOT receive financial assistance, the deposit is refundable.

*If you are requesting financial assistance for your child to attend a camp/excursion and you DO receive AND elect to use financial assistance, the deposit is non-refundable.

Payment in full for camps/excursions is due 14 days prior to the start of programs. Any students who have not paid the balance due by the deadline will be contacted and their spot will be opened to those on the waiting list.

If you cancel in writing 14 days or more from the start of the session, you will receive a refund of what you have paid minus the non-refundable deposit (per camp/excursion).  If you cancel 0-13 days to the start of the session, no refund will be given.

Medical Emergency Cancellation for severe medical issues/illnesses: A doctor’s note must be sent to us within one week of you notifying us in writing to request the cancellation. You will receive a refund of what you have paid minus the non-refundable deposit (per camp/excursion).

If a camp/excursion does not meet the minimum required number of participants 30 days prior to the start of the camp/excursion, and SFI must cancel the camp/excursion, a full refund (including the deposit) will be issued.

There are no refunds for late arrival, early departure or disciplinary dismissal from camp.

If we receive your application after a particular session is full, we will place you on that session’s waiting list and confirm with you via email. At that time, we recommend enrolling your child in another open session while keeping them on the waiting list for their first-choice session. We usually see a few cancellations each year which means we do enroll campers from our waiting list each summer.

If your child has a severe medical condition, arrangements need to be made for a chaperone/parent who can help them with medications or managing their conditions during programs. If your child can manage their own medical condition, this must be shared with the Youth Education Program Manager and a management plan discussed and agreed upon prior to the program. Lodging or camping accommodations are available for parents and guardians helping students manage conditions during programs. They are available on a first-come, first-served basis so making reservations as soon as possible is advised.

Packing lists will be sent via email within 3-5 business days of receiving both your child’s registration and deposit.

If your child does not have something included in your confirmation packet packing list, SFI might be able to supply specific gear. Please try to borrow items or search thrift stores for bargains. Packing lists are not meant to be a financial burden.

Is your child participating in a Siskiyou Field Institute class trip? Teachers will distribute program-specific information. Guardian packets contain waivers, permission slips, medical forms and other useful information. If you are interested in becoming a chaperone for your child’s program contact your child’s teacher today!

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