Capturing the Spirit of the Forest by Caci Dunahoo

Edited_DSC00745Siskiyou Field Institute held an amazing class on The Spirit of the Forest the weekend of June 5th through the 7th. The class was about capturing the spirit of the forest through pictures and words. Dr. Diana Coogle taught the writing portion of the class. While exploring the forest, Dr. Coogle had the class take notes. Then she helped us translate the notes into writing. In addition, Dr. Coogle taught the class the importance of prompts and playing with different literary techniques. When the class completed their rough draft writing, she assisted us with editing tips and guidance.

“Just as you cannot blame the pen for what the author writes,” stressed Mark Turner, the photographer teaching the class,  “the camera doesn’t take a good or bad photo, it’s what’s behind the camera.” Mr. Turner led the class on a photography field trip to the forest and taught us how to look for the elements of a good photo and techniques for composing publishable photos. After spending most of the day photographing the forest, the class selected their favorite photos. Then Mark shared a variety of editing techniques and tools. At the end of the day, the class selected photos and pieces of writing to go together and presented their final pieces to the rest of the class.


I learned so much from this class and I am so grateful for meeting the other students. Spending so much time connecting to the spirit of the forest inspired me. I took a photography class in high school but Mr. Turner taught me more in three days than I learned in two years. Hearing Dr. Coogle’s writings and having her assist me with my own writing was helpful, too. I am happy to have the opportunity while assisting with youth education and maintenance at Siskiyou Field Institute. SFI let me attend the class on scholarship as a member of AmeriCorps NCCC. I’ve had wonderful experiences at SFI!

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All photos by Caci Dunahoo