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PO Box 207
1241 Illinois River Rd
Selma, OR 97538
Phone: (541) 597-8530
Fax: (541) 597-8533
Contact: Siskiyou Field Institute

Hours: 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m., Monday-Friday (spring to fall hours)
2018 Youth Education Programs

Siskiyou Field Institute School Field Trips: Pre-K - 12th grade​

Youth Education Programs Coordinator 

Teachers, Sign up for a Field Trip:  Please use our online registration form. 

$25 deposit required to reserve Youth Program space.

We offer place-based educational programs for pre-K - 12th grade students at our Deer
Creek Center in Selma, Oregon. Our programs are aligned to Next Generation Science
Standards and are designed to bring abstract science concepts to life in an outdoor
setting. We offer both day and overnight field trips as well as a week-long Siskiyou
Outdoor School. Detailed descriptions of the field trips we offer can be found by scrolling
down this page. We look forward to exploring the outdoors with you and your students!

2018 School Field Trip Offerings

Curricula for the following programs are aligned with 

*NGSS DCI = Next Generation Science Standards Disciplinary Core Ideas.  

All programs include a one hour pre-field trip class visit and
student journals for recording observations.

NEW! Rooted in Nature: Pre-K – 2nd grade
*NGSS DCI Alignment: LS1.A; LS1.B; LS1.C; LS1.D; LS2.A; LS3.A; LS3.B; LS4.D;
Season: Spring, Fall, and Winter
Length: 4 hour day program (optional 1 hour classroom visit)
Students will explore the natural world using all of their senses as they go on
scavenger hunts searching for wildlife evidence, birds, insects, flowers, and other
plants. Topics vary based on the season and programs can be modified to meet
your students’ needs and interests.

 Growing up Wild: 2nd – 5th grade
*NGSS DCI Alignment: LS1.A; LS1.B; LS1.C; LS1.D; LS2.A; LS2.C; LS2.D; LS3.A;
LS3.B; LS4.B; LS4.C; LS4.D; ESS2.D; ESS3.A; PS4.C
Season: Spring, Fall, and Winter
Length: Day and overnight options available.

Using hand lenses, rulers, and field guides students will become wildlife detectives as
they hunt for animal clues. They will closely examine animal specimens during an
inquiry-guided activity called the “critter crawl” and dissect owl pellets full of rodent
and birds bones. Students staying overnight will set up trail cameras to monitor
wildlife while they sleep.

Taking Flight: 4th – 5th grade
*NGSS DCI Alignment: LS1.A; LS1.B; LS1.C; LS1.D; LS2.A; LS2.C; LS2.D; LS3.A;
LS3.B; LS4.B; LS4.C; LS4.D
Season: Spring Only
Length: Day and overnight options available.

With binoculars around their necks and field guides in their hands, students will be
guided by Audubon society experts on “birding” safaris. Students will investigate
bird habitats, diets, life cycles, and anatomy. They will also act out amazing birds
adaptations and play games that simulate bird migration patterns.

Siskiyou Outdoor School: 5th and 6th grade    
Length: 5 days and 4 nights          Season: Spring and Fall
*NGSS DCI Alignment: LS1.B; LS1.C; LS2.A; LS2.B; LS2.C; LS4.C; LS4.D; ESS1.A;

Students will engage in cooperative group learning, problem solving, service learning,
and citizen science investigations while exploring the aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems
of the Illinois Valley. The first two days of outdoor school will require transportation to
the Oregon Caves where students will tour the cave and begin investigating geology and
water quality. During the remainder of the camp, students will further explore the
unique ecosystems of the Klamath-Siskiyou bioregion and the plants and animals that
inhabit this diverse region. With the installment of our solar panel system in 2017,
students will learn about the engineering and efficiency of environmentally-friendly
renewable energy sources, specifically solar. Students will also get several
opportunities to develop team building skills and push their own boundaries on our
outdoor challenge course.

CLICK HERE to learn more about our partnership watershed study with
the Oregon Caves National Monument. 

Tributary Tales: 6th – 12th grade
*NGSS DCI Alignment: LS1.B; LS2.A; LS2.C; LS4.C; LS4.D; ESS2.C; ESS3.C
Season: Spring and Fall
Length: Day and overnight options available.
By catching and releasing aquatic macroinvertebrates and collecting water
quality data students will investigate the overall health of their local watersheds.
This field trip has several options. It can be offered as a day program where
students explore Deer Creek and Squaw Creek at SFI. It can be an overnight
program where students spend one day at the Oregon Caves collecting water
quality data, stay the night at SFI then follow up their watershed study on our
creeks the next day. We can also arrange to come to a creek or river closer to
your school. Data collected by students is uploaded onto StreamWebs, a citizen
science database created by Oregon State University Extension Service.

Geobotany Bonanza: 6th – 12th grade
*NGSS DCI Alignment: LS1.C; LS2.A; LS2.C; LS4.C; ESS1.C; ESS2.A; ESS2.B;
Season: Spring and Fall
Length: Day and overnight options available.
Students will uncover the secrets of the unique serpentine soils of our region during
a hands-on exploration of the plants that have adapted to live in this nutrient-poor
environment. They will act out the plate tectonic movements that shaped our region
and identify the different plant communities found at the Siskiyou Field Institute based
on the underlying geology. Students will also investigate fire ecology concepts by
examining the aftermath of the Biscuit fire on a portion of our property.

Watersheds: From Mountaintop to Valley Floor- 5th-8th grade
*NGSS DCI Allignment: ESS1.A, ESS1.B, ESS2.A, ESS2.B, ESS2.C, ESS3.A,
 ESS3.C, ESS3.D,  LS1.B, 
LS2.A, LS2.B, LS2.B, LS2.C, LS4.C, LS4.C, LS4.D, PS3.D
Seasons: Spring and Fall 
Length: 1 Day program or extended 2 day, 1 night.

Grades 5th-8th learn about watersheds, hydrology, aquatic food webs (and their
connection to upland food webs), macroinveribrates, water quality testing and
stream health monitoring through exploring creeks and streams at our field site
in Selma. Students take a field trip to the Oregon Caves National Monument
where they conduct water quality testing and stream health monitoring of Caves
Creek and attend a ranger-led cave tour. Students then return to the field
institute to compare data taken at the differing creek sites. This Program is
facilitated through a partnership with Oregon Caves National Monument.  



Deer Creek Center Facilities  

Field Trip participants will have access to: 

  • Covered pavilion with picnic tables. 
  • Hiking trails to various habitats. 
  • 2 Yurts with bunks: Yurt 1 accommodates 18 students. Yurt 2 accommodates 12 students. Additional cots are available. 
  • Gigatents: We have 6, eight-man tents and 1, six-man tent accommodating 54 students, some smaller tents are available. 
  • Bathhouse: Flush toilets, sinks, 3 girls showers, 3 boys showers.
  • Outdoor Kitchen: Standard-sized fridge, Sink, Gas-powered stove and oven, Gas-powered grill, pots/pans, plates, bowls, cups, and cooking/eating utensils. *Teachers and chaperones are responsible for purchasing and preparing all meals EXCEPT during the week-long Siskiyou Outdoor School programs. 
  • Campfire ring*, firewood, and stage for skits/talent shows. *Fires may be restricted during times of extreme fire danger.
  • Outdoor Challenge Course:  Guided by trained facilitators, all groups participating in our overnight programs will take part in our low element challenge course. Groups participating in our week-long Siskiyou Outdoor School will also have the option to experience our high elements. CLICK HERE for more information. 
  • Additional facilities such as private rooms and dormitory beds are available to adults for an extra fee. Tent and RV camping are permitted as well, although no hookups are available. Please see the Deer Creek Center accommodations web page for more information. 

Safety Note: This is a wilderness facility and although we take every possible precaution, there are natural hazards such as poison oak, ticks, and rattlesnakes that must be considered.

SFI Provides:

  • Unique outdoor learning environment
  • “Best Practices” instruction
  • Standards-aligned curricula
  • Learning materials and resources

Schools provide:

  • Transportation to the site.
  • Meals and food preparation for students (except during Siskiyou Outdoor School)
  • A 1:10 chaperone to student ratio.
In order to cover the cost of staff, materials and upkeep of our facility, schools are charged a fee for field trips at Siskiyou Field Institute. To view a full list of  2018 Youth Education Field trip fees ../SIB/files/SFI's%20Youth%20Education%20Programs%202018%2D%20fees%2C%20NGSS%2C%20scheduling%20information.pdfsee,

fees  associated with school district food service are calculated according to the percentage of students eligible for Free or Reduced Price (FRP) Meals at your school (this information must be provided on
your field trip reservation form). 

Every participating school must mail in a non-refundable $25 deposit upon registration
to reserve your field trip, which will be put towards the field trip fee.  If a school cancels 
during the 2 weeks prior to a scheduled field trip, Siskiyou Field Institute will refund the
program fee, minus the $25 processing fee. 
Payment of the field trip fee is due in full on 
the date of the field trip.  The fee increases $5 per day for each day it is late. 

Inclement Weather
Please DO NOT assume your field is canceled due to inclement weather. A refund will not be issued to “no shows.” We hold programs rain or shine and we can provide rain jackets, pants, and boots for up to 30 students. If we cancel due to heavy rain, thunder and lightning, or icy conditions, we will try to reschedule for another date that works for you. If we cannot schedule another time, a refund will be issued, minus the $25 processing fee. Our facility will be closed when the Three Rivers School District cancels and follows delayed openings. Your field trip will be considered canceled by us under these conditions.

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